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daily reminder that the boy you’re in love with at 16 probably won’t matter when you’re 25.

daily reminder that the math test you failed your freshman year of high school probably won’t matter when you’re graduating college.

daily reminder that the problems you’re facing today may seem like the worlds end, but they will not matter in a year.

daily reminder that you’re going to be okay.

everything is going to be okay.

I needed this

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            all my favorite episodes: 2x06 (No Exit)

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i like to use exclamation marks because they cover up the fact that i am dead inside!!!!

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No Sven, we're not going back. She's with her true love.

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Swift is still talking about “Bad Blood” when she starts to explain why she wants everyone to know it’s about a female. “I know people will make it this big girl-fight thing,” she says. “But I just want people to know it’s not about a guy. You don’t want to shade someone you used to date and make it seem like you hate him, when that’s not the case. And I knew people would immediately be going in one direction—” As she suddenly realizes that she just accidentally referenced her ex-boyfriend’s band, Swift goes white. She buries her face in her hands. “Why?!” she howls, cracking up. It’s a classic Taylor Swift Surprised Face, only for real this time.



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10 seasons. 200 episodes. 2 brothers. No fear.

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“Obviously I’ll never be in anything with the commercial success that Harry Potter has but then again neither will anyone else.”

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